Monday, August 07, 2006

Gift to My Visitors: Free iPod

You guys have been so generous that I've decided to give you all free iPods! All you have to do is put in your e-mail and your shipping address and you'll get a free iPod ... I think.

Get a Free iPod Now!

Do it.

So What Are People Sayin'?

Word of Give Me Money Plz has spread all over the world, and maybe even the universe. So I thought I'd let you guys in on what some people have been saying about this amazing new breakthrough!
i sent you money not because you begged for it, but because i would like to ask for something in return. in the case that this catches on, place "" on the front. Thanks!

Well defectDS, that's a very selfish reason for donating, but then again this is a very selfish site. Request approved.
You said a tax refund is money we didn't deserve or "dirty money". Thats funny, the dirty one is the one that takes it, the goverment. Its called being a skilled worker, apparently you have little to no skills. I make $22 an hour for being a skilled worker, not that it is the best pay in the world but it is a pay rate that I earned. If noone told you yet let me be the first... Most people work all their lives for not much more then minimum wage, from age 16 - 65 or higher so quit crying and get productive.

John Person
Thanks for the advice, John. But why would I work my ass off making $22 an hour like you when I could just put up a blogger site and have people send me money for nothing? You're just mad because when you're at work at 7 AM tomorrow morning, I'll be sleeping in and making that phat ~$1/day cash for doing nothing.
If that kid asked me for money I'd punch him in the face. Then put a dollar bill in his starfish.


Shut up.

As you can see the internet has fallen in love with me. These wonderful comments make me more and more certain that I'm going to reach my goal! Keep sending donations!

Another Donation

First off, sorry for the lack of updates; my internet blew and I had to get it replaced. Don't think that I'm done asking for absolutely free money. I still want your dirty cash. Which brings me to my next point: thanks defectDS for your kind donation of $0.99. That combined with my current amount of $1.47 brings me to $2.46 (hooray math)!

I'm gettin it now. I can already taste that Vienna Sausage! Keep sending me money for absolutely no reason!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wish List Update

Well I figure now that the money's coming in nonstop I can go ahead and add some more things to my Wish List:
I figure I can have all of these in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck; wait I don't need luck, I need donations. Send more money.

New Purchase

Motivated by Gary's generous donation, I decided to go ahead and make a purchase. After all, the purpose of this blog is to get money for me to spend. So why not spend it? I know it was only $0.47, but this purchase was more symbolism than anything. What did I get?

Tastes good too. Keep the donations rolling in, and don't forget to check out our article on Digg.

My First Donation

I've just received my first donation of $0.47 from a nice fellow named Gary. Thanks a ton Gary, you're by far the coolest Gary I've met to date! Only $1499.53 to go ladies and gentlemen! Lets do it.

Update: Received another donation from Aaron, of $1.00. Thanks Aaron!

Digg It

Please digg my article.

My Wish List

I decided that one of the best ways to convince you guys to donate money to me would be to show you what I plan to spend it on!
Nothing crazy. Just the bare essentials. Help me get what every boy needs...

The Plea

For years I've been a slave to the grind. I've worked long and hard for my money. I've sweat over the grill at McDonald's, mowed endless fields of grass at the country club while rich bastards kick mud on me with their golf carts, and worked in 150 degree weather scraping burnt sawdust out of a warehouse sized oven. All for what? Minimum wage and most likely some sort of cancer that will surface in the next decade or so.

I'm here to get what I've earned. I know some of you guys have gotten a sum of money that you didn't deserve. All I'm asking is that you donate a portion of that dirty money to me. For example an inheritance (I've never inherited anything except debt), a contest winnings (I won one contest and it was for a defective Nickelodeon water blimp), drug money, solicitation money, NAACP scholarship money, or tax refunds. Find it in your heart to reach out to someone who's broke as hell, and donate a little bit of what you don't need. What's a couple bucks to you? How about tonight you just get one double cheeseburger instead of two and a McValue fry? And donate the $2.12 you saved to me. It'll be worth it. I promise.

What do you get? Well you don't get very much. I guess if you want I can put up a little text link on the side as well as a mention in a blog post. I may even be willing to tattoo your name to my ass if the price is right. If you want something in return for your donation then just send me a message after you donated and we can work something out.

Be a part of something special. Help make my life better. Donate to the Give Me Money site today.

Give Me Money

I've decided that I deserve money. Everybody else gets money for doing nothing, why not me? I'm not asking for something ridiculous like an iPod or a Macbook Pro. I just want money.